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What qualities to look for in an attorney?

What qualities should I look for in an attorney?

The answer is more complex than one might think. First, do not hire an attorney because they tell you what you want to hear.  The truth to the matter is most legal cases go through discovery.  Discovery is the process where the attorney will see the other party’s information (Solicitor or Opposing Counsel). So, an attorney is not fully informed until discovery is fully completed. So, in short, hire an attorney who tells you the truth and has the experience to navigate you through the legal process.    Any seasoned attorney knows and understands just how important it is to be up front and honest with their clients.  Also, make sure the attorney has time to handle your case. If the attorney is over worked or has too large of a case load are they going to be able to give your file the attention that is needed?  When you meet with the attorney ask yourself if you want this attorney to represent you.